My Flipflop…..

I always say he’s as bad as he is cute!  But the truth is Flipflop is not a bad dog, he’s a sweet boy, with a high amount of energy and a zest for life.  And it shines through every day now that we are in B.C.

Flipflop has a crazy hyper side, I call those his Jack days!  In Ontario, on his Jack days, even on his goods days, I was always worried.  I was worried he’d get hurt, I worried he wasn’t getting exercised enough because I knew he needed to run and in the city, finding safe places for Flipflop to run was tough.

It was tough because he didn’t like dog parks, neither did his big brother, Dupont.  They are “lone wolves” and being in an open field with other dogs did nothing to excite either of them.

I would take Flipflop to some areas where he could run and he enjoyed it but there were so many people who projected fear on their small dogs, and when Flipflop sensed fear he would turn into a “Jack” and the fun would be over.  He would get out of control, lose his “listening ears”, and would literally mock me, pretending he was coming to me and when he got within a foot of me, take off again.

Moving out to B.C.  I vowed Flipflop would not be off leash (as he wasn’t at home for a long time) and he would not be socialized with other dogs.  What I didn’t realize is I was moving to a very dog friendly community, where large and small dogs alike love to say hi to each other and all the humans love dogs!

In the past two months, I have seen this dog transform into the most amazing boy.  Now that we are living in the mountains, with dog friendly parks all around, Flipflop is excelling.

People don’t fear him, so he has not interest in them and most times he completely ignores them.  Dahlia gets petted by every one we see, and she loves it!  I feel like Flipflop and I have found the place we were meant for.  Despite my strict rules in Ontario and my intentions of keeping the same rules here, I quickly learned that Flipflop was free to be himself here.

Flipflop is definitely the pup who won’t stop, he always has been but now he really gets to go!  We go for hikes, he runs through the mountains like he’s been in them all his life.  And most importantly he listens to me!

He still would rather hang on his own than with other dogs, but occasionally he enjoys a wrestle or a chase with a dog we meet along the way.


Flipflop with his friend Cash.

I am so proud of me Bahamian Potcake, and am so happy I get to give him the life he was meant to live, now that he’s a B.C. boy!




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