Rome & Solo

Rome adopted Solo in the early spring, mourning the loss of his big brother, Merle, Rome’s humans knew he needed a sibling.  The family wasn’t ready for another dog, their hearts still ached, Merle had only been gong a couple of weeks, but watching Rome’s grief just compounded their own even more.

“We’ve never rescued before,” the application read, ” but we would love to give a deserving dog a good home.” Promising, but as first time adopter, I worried the family may struggle with a dog like my foster, Solo.  But their application was strong, and they at least earned a phone call.

It was on the phone I first met Joanne.  I instantly liked her, and after talking about rescues, and the challenges Solo had faced in his life, she wasn’t scared off.  She told me how they had lost their dog Merle, just a couple weeks ago.  She and her family were heart broken, and so was their 3 year old dog, Rome.

I asked Joanne if they would be interested in meeting, Solo, and of course she was.  I recommended Rome come, she had planned to ask, as this dog was being adopted to help Rome, and Rome would be the being who decided what dog to adopt.  Rome had a meet and greet on a Saturday and we scheduled Solo’s for later the same day.

I sent Joanne all the information I had on Solo and the blogs I wrote on him to prepare her.  I found out later, those blogs made her fall in love him before even meeting him and she had hoped that Rome would feel the same way!!

And he did………….

Rome took it upon himself, as Flipflop does, to teach Solo.  Rome somehow understood Solo needed his guidance.  Solo had just started showing interest in playing when he was adopted. Rome continued Flipflop’s work, patiently waiting until Solo understood how to play with toys, tug, chase and wrestle.  The boys had a few territorial scrabbles but the family kept to the training of Solo and things smoothed out in a very short time between the boys.

The stories of Rome and Solo continue to warm my heart, but I thought I would share a few of my favourite ones:

Grandma’s visit:

Rome’s Grandma was visiting and was down in the basement.  Solo must have             forgotten she was there, or she startled him when she came up stairs. Solo started     barking and growling at his grandma.  Rome calmly stepped in the space between Solo and grandma, and showed Solo how grandma is nice.  He calmed Solo down by giving him some affection while getting love from his grandma.


It’s been a few months since Solo got adopted and he was doing so well, the family felt they could introduce to him to cousins (3 dogs).  When they arrived at Joanne’s brother’s house, the first thing the humans noticed, was how Solo was a different dog.  He is confident, his eyes are happy (no longer sad) and he was behaving as a well adjusted happy dog.

Rome led Solo to his canine cousins and helped Solo remain calm and happy.  It wasn’t long when I got videos of Solo playing chase with all his cousins, having the time of his life.

Later that day, Rome and Solo made their way to Merle’s resting place.  Solo laid on top of  where Merle’s body was buried and Rome sat beside him.  It was an emotion moment for Joanne when she saw the boys.  I can only imagine.

IMG_20190630_210440 2

July 1st:

On Victoria day weekend it was discovered Solo is petrified of fireworks.  Unfortunately, July 1st is another holiday where fireworks are used to celebrate the day.  As they started Solo ran to safe place, his bed.  Rome went Solo and laid on top of him to try and comfort him and show him there was nothing to be afraid of.

Joanne and Tony (Solo’s dad) called Rome to bed and Joanne went and got Solo. Solo snuggled into Joanne for comfort, the same comfort he got from Rome a few moments ago. Rome also snuggled close, to Solo, ensuring he was there to provide comfort to his brother until the fireworks stopped and Solo calmed down.

I get so many videos and pictures of these two boys, and how they are best friends and brothers.  I am so grateful to Joanne and Tony for adopting Solo, being patient with him and giving him the love and trust he needed to excel.  And I am completely in love with Rome, who is such a special boy.  Solo would not be the same dog without him.



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