I had the honour of meeting Tessa at a fundraiser for a B.C. Rescue, Pommy & Pals.  Tessa is being fostered by a co-worker of mine and his wife.  I have been fortunate to spend some time with this amazing little lady.

Tessa came to Canada from Taiwan, where she was found at 2 months old in a ditch.  She is now 9 months old and is waiting for her forever family.  Her adoption is pending, and she’s going to a sleepover with her potential family tomorrow night.

Tessa’s journey has not been an easy one, at 9 months old. Tessa has degenerative disease in her left hip which she has under gone the surgery to repair (Legg-calve-perthes).  She is recovering nicely and receiving some rehabilitation from her foster mom.  It is expected she will eventually be able to have full use of her leg and put weight on it.  But even now, while she’s working on strengthening her leg, it doesn’t stop this fun loving girl from running around.

Tessa also has a neurological disorder, shaker syndrome, which causes this sweet lady to shake, as she calms down and becomes more comfortable her shaking does get better, and she’s on CBD oil to help her. But even as she shakes, it doesn’t stop this little lady from wanting to be cuddled and babied.

She also loved meeting the other dogs at the adoption fair and was very social with everyone, she is such a sweetie.


Tessa engaging with the standard poodles (bonded pair for adoption)

When I met Tessa she was wearing a lovely pink dress with bows down the back, she was looking for her forever home at an adoption event.  Needless to say she stole a lot of hearts, but I was lucky enough to witness her picking her family.

They seem like a lovely couple, who lost their dog a couple years prior and feel they are now ready to open their hearts again to a dog in need.  As soon as they saw me holding Tessa they came over and started asking about her.  I asked if her potential future mom wanted to hold her and of course she did.  Tessa barely shook, she felt at home and she snuggled into her potential mom’s shoulder.  She held Tessa for long time as we chatted and I brought over Gina, Tessa’s foster mom, who actually knows Tessa’s potential dad!

I had a feeling, this would be the family for Tessa, as I’ve seen my fosters pick their families time and time again, I felt Tessa felt safe with this couple.  Although Tessa and I met many other amazing people that day, Tessa had a ton of interest, I was so happy when I was told by my co-worker, Darryn, that Tessa was going for a trial sleepover this weekend and it was a couple that he and Gina knew.  Before Darryn even told me which couple it was I knew.  I just had a feeling when I saw sweet little Tessa in her future parents arms.  I think they knew it too, but as every responsible adopter should do, they met other dogs and thought about it over a couple of days to make sure they were ready for her.

I am very optimistic that early next week, I will hear that the sleepover was a success and Tessa is officially adopted!

Tessa’s foster mom sent me pictures of Tessa today and shared with me how much she is going to miss her. I can relate, all too well!  Fostering is not easy, but it is worth it.





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