The River

“Seriously, I feel like I am at a cottage every time I sit on my balcony,” I exclaimed into the phone.  “I see the mountains, the river, boats going by, sea planes flying over, it’s incredible.”  I was talking to Janet, who will be moving out here in about a months time with the lovable Miss Ellie!  Flipflop is going to lose his mind when he sees his best friend again, after all these months.

Life in Kamloops has been good to us since we arrived 3-1/2 months ago. The dogs enjoy their new environment. Flipflop has never been so happy and I have never been so happy, as I was a few weeks ago, when I noticed a sign “Valleyview Boat Launch” a mere 2 km down the road from me.

In Ontario, we were fortunate to have a large creek and other water sources in our park where Flipflop would be able to go into and cool off on every walk.  That is the one thing I really wished we had here in Kamloops on our mountain hikes.  Sometimes we run into a stream, but most of his hikes are pretty dry so I bring water.

The boat launch has become part of our regular routine on hot days.  I’ll drive down to it for them to cool off and it really helps with Flipflop’s allergies too!  It’s a popular spot for tubers as well.  I learned one of the summer things here in Kamloops, is to float down the river in an inflatable dinghy or a tube.  The river current will take you all the way from the Valleyview boat launch to Riverside Park, in downtown Kamloops.  It’s a real life size lazy river!!

This afternoon I was enjoying the view from my balcony and decided to take the dogs out for a swim.  We drove, as 2km would be too much in this heat for them, and it was packed!  We ended up parking down the street, and when we got to the launch there were several people hanging out, blowing up their dinghies, having drinks or putting life jackets on their dogs!  After taking in the scene, I decided I totally need to get myself a dinghy for next summer!

While Dahlia cried to say hello to everyone, her brother only had eyes for the river.  Flipflop gleefully ran into the water, ignoring all the people and dinghies around us.  He didn’t care, I was so proud of him!

After a few minutes we went for a short walk and then had another swim before heading back home.  On the way home I reflected about the days in Ontario, when Janet and I would get together and pack a cooler with some drinks and snacks and head to Lake Ontario for the day.  We would find a nice spot in the shade for us and the dogs and hang out for hours, going for swims for us all to stay cool.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a lot of shad at the boat launch but I think I may have to try and find one with some shade for us to hang out!

There is an awesome off leash dog beach in downtown Kamloops, but it gets pretty busy and I know my Flipflop.  He gets a little overwhelmed in crowds and I fear the dog beach with all the dogs and people may be too much for him. He’s much happier in a smaller pack!

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