Dahlia’s Silent Night

It’s been no secret that Dahlia is my Benjamin Button of dogs, getting younger with each passing month since I earned her trust and Flipflop taught her to be a dog.  But alas, time does catch up with the best of us.  And Dahlia is no different.

Fear not, my Dahlia loving peeps, she is still in great health, loves to play and is still going on her long walks/easy hikes around the mountains.  But my girl is now deaf.  She no longer freezes in fear when she a car goes by; she can no longer hear it to fear it.

But her lack of hearing aside, much like her blurred vision, previously broken bones and past abuse, she is not phased in the least!  I still allow her off her leash and she always finds her way back to me (not that I ever let her out of my sight), and when she returns to me, she pushes her head to my hand for some reassurance and love.

I find this is the one thing that’s changed, since Dahlia lost her hearing. She has always been  a dog (once she learned she was safe) who wants love and affection, but now she needs to feel my hand on her head almost constantly during walks.  She needs my reassurance I’m nearby, and if she goes off on her own, she is never long to come running toward me and looking for my hand.

On Christmas while Flipflop rummaged through the gift bags full of toys, she laid quietly on the couch, oblivious to what was going on.  I gave her a toy, which she happily took and laid with.  “She’s so old now” I thought, not giving this lady enough credit to how alert she still is.

Dahlia may be deaf, half blind and sleeps a lot but she is still my Benjamin Button at heart. Christmas night, I got ready for bed, Flipflop grabbed his new antler that Santa gave him and brought it to bed to sleep with.  He

slept with it last night too, I think he likes it!

As he and I snuggled into bed, Dahlia, who is welcome on my bed but prefers the dog beds, came and settled in a bed.  I heard her get up throughout the night and figured she was restless.  She wasn’t crying or panting, so I knew she was ok.

When I woke up the next morning, Dahlia had every new toy from Santa in the bedroom.  She may have acted oblivious to what was going on while her baby brother ripped through all the toys, but she wasn’t.  She knew she got presents from Santa, and although she didn’t want to play with them Christmas day, she wanted them near her when she slept that night.  My sweet girl may be living in silence but she is still living well.

Dahlia on boxing day.

Dahlia on December 26th, enjoying her time in the mountains.