Flipflop’s Unidentified Injury

“Oh no,” I thought, as I watched Flipflop pick up the scent of something and started following it.

“Flipflop, COME” I called, and when I didn’t even get a brief pause from him, I knew he was not coming back to me, immediately.  As I watched him run up the hill and to the open area, I saw about half a dozen hawks fly by me.  That’s when I knew Flipflop found something dead and the hawks were feeding on it.

When I reached the top, I saw about 8-10 hawks flying around and Flipflop, happy as could be, was running in circles following their flight patterns.  I didn’t say a word, but he must have caught my scent, because within seconds, he came running over to me.

“Hi,” I said to him, as I put his harness on him, “you didn’t use your listening ears so you need to stay on your leash for the rest of our walk!”  I told him.  I tend to talk to him like he’s a child, a bit insane of me I know, but I don’t care, he is my child and I freakin’ ADORE him!!!!  As I looked at him, I saw he was covered in feces, he must have been rolling in it, as it was embedded in his fur.  We continued our walk, as it was a very mild day and Dahlia, who was with us, was in good spirits and was enjoying her walk as well.


Last week before the Crow run!

When we got home about 45 minutes later, I immediately grabbed a towel and Flipflop’s shampoo and we went down to the garage to use the dog wash in my building.  As I lifted Flipflop into the tub, I stupidly gave him a kiss, getting a whiff of what he was covered in. I immediately wanted to boil my mouth!

I was pleased with how good Flipflop was being in the bath, as he typically doesn’t enjoy them and usually tries to get out or hugs me the whole time, making it next to impossible to get him clean.  But this day, he did amazing, I shampooed him and rinsed him well.  I then lifted the bath door and used his collar to assist him in jumping out of the tub.  I then rewarded him with drying his hair!

I have never seen a dog who loves to get their hair dried like he does.  It’s been years since I’ve used a hair dryer on myself, as I can’t even plug it in without Flipflop running to get his hair done.   So after a bath, that is his reward.

We went back up to our apartment, where I gave him a treat (and Dahlia one too) while I got their breakfast made.  It seemed like a typical normal day, until about an hour later I wondered by my bedroom and saw Flipflop laying on my bed, shaking.

I immediately went to him, and he gave a half tail wag.  I laid beside him and started looking for injuries. He didn’t give any indication he was hurt anywhere.  My mind started racing, did he get into poison somewhere, what did he and crows find?  As I examined him, he rolled over for me to pet his belly, “well, he’s still being a baby, so that’s a good sign” I thought.

I went to my linen closet and grabbed a towel, thinking maybe he was cold form his bath, I covered him in it and we laid side by side for a few more minutes.  I had to get up and check on something I had in the oven. I gave him so kisses and went to the kitchen.

When I came back to the room, he as laying on the towel, no longer shaking and was sleeping.  I let him rest, checking on him periodically.  About two hours later, he came into the living, tail between his legs, but walking with weight on all four paws, he hesitated a bit and slowly got on the couch.  Something was definitely wrong, Flipflop doesn’t do anything slowly!!!

I again checked him over, but there was no signs of anything, no wincing when I checked him out or any tell tale signs he was hurt.  I continued to let him rest.

I looked at the time, it was 2:30 pm, my guests for my Super Bowl party would be arriving within the next half hour, I needed to try and get Flip out to relieve himself. I grabbed the dog leashes and got Dahlia ready to go out. Flipflop sat up and watched, “you want to go out, Flip? Come on, momma will take you for a pee.” I coasted him.  He slowly got off the couch and came to me. I put his harness on, expecting a slow walk and Flipflop needing some assistance.

As soon as we stepped outside, Flipflop was ready to go, he showed no signs of injury and wanted to go for a walk, I took him and Dahlia for a 20 minute walk and observed Flipflop, he seemed fine. I was more puzzled than before.

After a three examinations, there was no tell tale sign of anything being wrong with him, other than the occasional yelp if one of the dogs nudged him, or you squeezed his right armpit.  A slight muscle pull was the conclusion and rest was the prescription.

I rested Flipflop for three days, and much to my surprise he seemed ok to have a reduced exercise schedule and leashed walks, that is of course, until the fourth day when mother nature blessed the valley with snow.

At the mere sight of snow, Flipflop and Dahlia turn into puppies, Dahlia loves to run around and eat as much of it as she can and Flipflop loves to run and roll in it.  I knew if he was given the opportunity to be off leash he would run, climb and jump all over the mountain sides, so I held firm.  Much to his disappointment.  It snowed all day and night that day.  And by Thursday morning there was at least 10 cm of snow on the untraveled paths around us.

Flipflop was doing much better and was no longer showing any signs of discomfort, so against my better judgement, I gave him 10 minutes off leash.  As I expected, he ran and climbed and wrestled (Miss Ellie was with us).  After 10 minutes, none of the dogs wanted to be back on leash, so I gave them a few more minutes to play with each other.  They then seemed calm and ok to continue their walk on leash.


Playing with Miss Ellie on Thursday.

Fortunately, Flipflop showed no signs of being any worse for the wear after his play.  It’s so hard to keep an active dog resting, I know many pet parents can relate.

The next couple of nights he and Dahlia spent with Miss Ellie at her place, as I had plans after work on Friday and Janet was available to have the dogs sleep over.  Janet is one of the few people on this earth I trust my dogs with, so I knew she would take care of Flipflop and watch him for any signs of discomfort.  There was none.

This morning, one week since the day of Flipflop’s injury, he was allowed to full on run again.  We walked the same path as we did a week ago, except this week it was covered in snow. Flipflop ran up and down the mountain side, rolling and making dog angels in the snow!  Dahlia trotted around eating snow as if she was at an all you can eat buffet.

When we arrived at the field where Flipflop’s trouble began last week, he went looking for whatever it was that intrigued him last week, but the snow was very deep.  He tried digging and I called at him to stop and come to me, I wasn’t going to risk a replay of whatever he got into last week!

As we made our way back home, Flipflop happily played tug, ran and made more doggie snow angels.  I worried how he was going to feel when we got home.  But it appears he is back to his true form, as I am finishing this blog, he is sitting beside me with his head on his shoulder, while Dahlia paws him away so she can get more of my attention.

I may never know what happened to my sweet boy last week that caused so much drama, but I am so glad with rest, love and some snuggling he is back to his crazy Bahamian Potcake self!



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