Meeting “Big Lady”

It was a year, on February 14th, that Flipflop professed his love to Miss Ellie.  He (ok it was me!) planned a fabulous evening with treats, friends and a ring for his best friend and love his life.

Miss Ellie's Engagement

Miss Ellie’s Engagement Photo

A lot has happened in a year, but what hasn’t changed is the undeniable friendship and love these two dogs share. Five months apart did nothing to break their bond and when they saw each other for the first time, it was as if no time has passed, once Flipflop got over his absolute freak out.

As we approached the one year mark of the big engagement, I thought it would be fun (and an excuse to throw a wine tasting) to have an engagement party.  As I made plans for the big night and decided on my menu and wines, something wonderfully unexpected happened.

Janet (Miss Ellie’s mom), was getting a second dog and wasn’t expecting her to come home until February 22nd, due to travel arrangements.  But then we found out Janet was able to get her baby a week earlier, on February 14th.


Big Lady

With excitement I planned for not only an engagement party but a welcome baby party as well! It’s always so exciting when a new dog joins our pack.

I set up an area for the puppy, if needed, I knew from my years of fostering, certain things would help Flipflop accept his sister in-law.  As soon as Flipflop saw my makeshift dog area, he knew someone was coming.  He likely expected a foster sibling, so was probably happy to see this dog was going home with his Auntie Janet at the end of the night!

Janet also knows Flipflop, and understands he needs space.  He needs to make friends on his own time and he does. So, we carefully planned everything to make the best possible introduction.

When Janet arrived, Big Lady (that’s what we are calling the pup until Janet settles on a name, and we don’t want her to be confused with Little Lady, Dahlia) was in her crate. Janet put the crate down on the floor and took her time to greet Flipflop and Dahlia, as she always does. Flipflop was excited to see his girl, Miss Ellie, and spent a few minutes following her around before he went to the crate.  We let the dogs sniff the crate with the puppy in it for a few minutes.

Flipflop is VERY sensitive and picks up on my energy and reacts instantly, another reason why I wanted to make sure the introduction was planned properly and I had no reason to get anxious and make Flipflop nervous.

After everyone sniffed the crate and was ignoring it, Janet opened the door to let the pup out.  Dahlia, of course, went back over to see her. Flipflop immediately came to me for reassurance and hugs.  This continued for about 15 minutes, and then Flipflop seemed to settle.

Big Lady went into her little pen that I made her.  She didn’t like being away from Janet, and whined.  The whining worried Flipflop, so we decided to let her out of her pen.

When we did, she quietly slept beside Janet, on the couch.  All the dogs were very calm, I was so proud of Flipflop, for allowing the pup into his home so easily.

Throughout the night the pup explored a bit and Flipflop allowed it. He only got upset when the pup started playing with one of his toys and when she went on his blanket.  And even when he was upset, he didn’t go near the new puppy, he’s not ready to interact with her yet.  But he did let out a small growl to let me know, he was upset!

I know in time, Flipflop will share all his toys with his sister in-law. With fosters it would take anywhere from 2 days to 1 week for him to allow full access to his things.  I was really proud of Flipflop for ignoring the pup and allowing her to come near me and not get jealous.

I am also very grateful for Janet’s understanding of dogs and knowing how to introduce Flipflop to others in his home and how to get the best results and behaviour from him.  I am Flipflop’s mom, I will protect him with my life, but I also know he’s got a bit of an attitude and an unpredictable crazy streak at times.  I can admit, he’s not an easy dog, but I will get on anyone else who says any negative about him!

Janet and I plan to keep introducing the puppy to Flipflop as much as possible, knowing that the more he is exposed the quicker he will accept her.  Our first meeting was a good indication that it’s not going to take too long for Big Lady to become a big part of the pack.

As for the rest of the pack, Miss Ellie she could care a less a puppy has entered her home, she is calm and accepting of her baby sister.  Dahlia, true to her kind nature, just loves having another dog in her family to love!  Sixx was interested in the puppy but is so used to dogs coming and going, he gave her very little of his attention and Angel didn’t come out to greet the puppy at all. Angel is too cool of a cat to behave like his feline brother, Sixx!  But he also didn’t hide, so I know he too, will welcome our 6th pack member!


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