My hearts calling

I was talking to my good friend, Joanne, this week.  I met Joanne a year ago, on March 2nd, when she and her family came to my place for a meet and greet with Solo.  She and I were reminiscing about that special day, when my most “famous” foster dog met his forever family and how much has changed since that day.

A year ago, I was interviewing for the job I currently have, 4000 KM away from where I was living. Rome (Joanne’s mastiff) was terribly mourning the loss of his big brother, Merle, who had passed away just weeks before.  Solo was afraid of everyone but me and my tight-knit group of friends I had been socializing him with over the weeks of fostering. Joanne and I were strangers.

Joanne and her family had two meet and greets scheduled that day, Solo and I were the second one.  I had shared all my blogs about Solo and my experiences with Joanne so the family understood his past before meeting him.  I wanted Solo to feel safe with me at all times, so I wanted to ensure the family didn’t do anything to freak him out. I was sure they would be scared off by his insecurity and I was all ready broken hearted about having to send this sweet boy to a new foster home, as my timeline for moving out west drew closer.

Joanne and her family were all ready in love with Solo before meeting him, but Rome was the decision maker on his new sibling.  Joanne told me first meet and greet did not go well, Rome didn’t have any interest in the first dog. Upon moments after meeting Solo Joanne noticed that Rome was much more relaxed with Solo.

Solo and his sweet brother Rome.

Within minutes we were up in apartment chatting and letting the dogs interact.  It was a match made in brother heaven.  Rome wanted Solo and the family was willing to put the time and commitment into Solo’s recovery from his terrible abusive past.

On Sunday, March 9th, it’ll be one year since Solo left for his forever home and started his incredible journey.  It also marks the last time I said good bye to a beloved foster, as within weeks I accepted a job offer and was preparing to move to British Columbia.

My intentions hadn’t changed, I planned to continue to my work with rescue out here and within in weeks of moving here, I made some connections.  I wasn’t ready to foster, I needed my pets to adjust and become comfortable in their new surroundings, and I was going through a lot of change myself.

I was preparing to start application screening for the local rescue, as my way of being involved until I was ready to foster.  Unfortunately just as I started working with them, I saw a disturbing picture the President of the rescue posted on social media.  She had done something to one of her own dogs, that I would never do and I felt my values didn’t align with the rescue.  That said, they are still saving dogs, and therefore I will not bash them or shame them publicly.  I respectfully withdrew my offer to volunteer.

Now that we’ve been here for almost a year, my heart and pack are ready to start taking fosters in again, once Big Lady (now named Hazel) is integrated into the pack.

I’m hoping within the next 6 months I will be able to work with the SPCA or find another rescue in a near by town that I can foster for.  My heart will break again and again, as it did in Ontario every time a foster left to go to their forever home, but I also know my heart will heal and being part of so many wonderful, amazing dogs journeys to their happy endings, out weighs any pieces of my broken heart that leaves with each dog.




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