Flipflop and his Pawscout

It happens every year and  I’m never ready for it.  The days start getting longer, the temperature doesn’t dip below zero as often, and Flipflop starts misbehaving…….he’s got Spring Fever!  I will never understand why he gets so hyped up when spring is arriving, he hates the summer heat, so we typically are out more during the cold months than the warm ones.  But whatever the reason, when the winter weather starts to turn into spring days, Flipflop goes crazy.

I was at the pet store about three weeks ago and at the cash I saw a display for Pawscout. I was intrigued, having a runner for a dog (although he always comes back to me, 95% of the time on the first call, the other 5% on his own timing). I wanted to learn more about it.  It runs off the Bluetooth on your phone letting you know, through an app on your phone, the whereabouts of your dog for approximately 200 meters (pawscout.com).  I thought for $20 why not check it out!


The very next morning, as if on cue to test the Pawscout, Flipflop went running into the mountains, he was gone, and I had no idea where he was off to. My Pawscout told me he was out of range.

At first, I didn’t worry, as he’s chased deer in the past year, and within a minute or two I expected him come running back to me.  But he didn’t this time.  I couldn’t hear him or see him, I climbed up the mountain and kept calling him.

After half an hour, of calling him and waiting, I realized we were no longer in Ontario and my dog was now lost in the wild. I wanted to start looking further up the mountains for him.  But I also knew Dahlia couldn’t do that with me, so I decided to take her home.  The 10-minute walk back to our place, seemed to take an hour, I brought her home and left to try and find my dog.

The mountain was icy and slippery and it was really hard for me to climb but I was a mom on a mission.  My baby boy was lost and I knew this was not how our story was to end. Our story is to end in many years from now when he is old and ready to leave this life and wait for me on the bridge with my beloved other past babies.  I had to find him!

As I slipped and slid through the side of the mountain, I finally got to a flat area, I stopped to catch my breath and I started calling him and looking for signs that he’d been there (with the altitude there was snow in the area so I was looking for tracks).  My Pawscout still said he was out of range.  I looked around trying to decide next steps, I looked down toward the untraveled dirt road and he was standing there, looking up at me….

“Hi” I said, and as soon as he heard my voice, he ran up the mountain side, so happy to see me. Admittedly, I was probably happier to see him! When he got to me he started running, as if to continue a hike with me.  “NO,” I said, “Flipflop, Come!”  This time he did listen and I leashed him up.

I took a few minutes to get myself together and noticed his Pawscout still said he was out of range.  That really upset me, as he could have been near me at times and not showing. I made a mental note to contact the company.  I also decided Flipflop was grounded from being off leash for a while!

Taking a moment with my boy.

I emailed Pawscout and asked if I did something incorrect with the set up.  I was amazed by the customer service I received and within a week, a brand new Pawscout was in my mailbox.

I set up the new tag and put it on Flipflop’s collar.  The new tag is working great, and fortunately, so are Flipflop’s listening ears now that the spring weather has been around for a few weeks.

This weekend we went for a hike and Flipflop went running into the thick bush, as he ran back and forth, in and out of my Pawscout’s range, it would alert me when he was close.  About midway up the mountain the people trail ends, so we usually turn around and start heading down at that point.  I couldn’t see or hear Flipflop, but I looked at my phone and saw he was nearby, so I just had to say “this way” and within seconds he came from the thick bush and happily started down the mountain with me.

While I never like when Flipflop is out of sight, I also recognize his need for exercise and the awesome opportunity he has here living in BC, to run and be free.  And now that I have a working Pawscout tag, it’s been even better as he and I enjoy the mountains.


King of the mountain. 


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