Darling Dahlia

I can’t get enough of how sweet and kind darling Dahlia is.  Despite a rough eight long years, she thrives. As heartbreaking as it is to think about, the day her previous “owner” left her with a broken body in a ditch to die, may have been the luckiest day of her life.  Because she was rescued that day, and is loved more than she probably could have imagined. Despite her broken bones, her spirit was not broken.  It just needed some TLC and this girl bounced back.

If the greatest revenge is living well, Dahlia is seeking the best revenge of all.  And this sweet Catahoula never fails to amaze me every day.

Dahlia has slowed down since we moved out west, she no longer can scale the trials like she did a year ago, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her walks.  After starting her on pain management medication, Dahlia is living her third lease on life.  And is more special than ever before.


How she protects us

One of our walks is a long dirt road, only used by construction trucks and vacant most of the time, short of dogs, their walkers and bike riders. Along this road is a large flat area. Flipflop loves to stop at this area and play tug with his leash.  I use it as a way to let Dahlia rest as well.

One morning while Flipflop and I were engaged in an intense game of tug, Dahlia let out a single bark.  A bark from Dahlia immediately gets Flipflop’s attention.  He immediately stopped his play and started looking for what made Dahlia bark, so he could defend her.  I quickly went over to secure Dahlia, with Flipflop, as I wasn’t sure if she sensed a wild animal coming toward us.  And that’s when I saw it, a truck was coming down the road.  Dahlia must have felt the vibration and warned us it was coming so we could all be safe.

This was not the first time Dahlia has let out a single bark to let the other dog(s) know to pay attention.  A few years ago, Miss Ellie crossed a river, and wouldn’t come back to her mom. Dahlia let out one loud bark and immediately Miss Ellie came back to us all.  No one messes with Miss Dahlia when she “speaks!”.

How she babies Hazel

Hazel is Miss Ellie’s six month old Golden Doodle sister.  Dahlia has always loved puppies and always wants to be around them. Hazel is no different. Dahlia lets Hazel crawl all over her and jump on her and Hazel gives Dahlia endless kisses.

Since the day Dahlia met Hazel she has loved her, to the point she often wants to go home with Janet and Hazel (just last week, she jumped in Janet’s car to go home with her – so we let her!) and she will often refuse to come home with me, if we’re visiting, so she can spend more time with Hazel.

None of this surprises me, as I know Dahlia has always been a grandmother to younger dogs, she’s such a special soul.  She will let Hazel know when she needs to settle down and Hazel is very respectful.

Last week we were at Janet’s and Flipflop got upset with Hazel, Hazel ran away and Dahlia immediately went to Hazel to make sure she was ok.  Once she gave Hazel some comfort and a sniff over to ensure the pup was good, Dahlia immediately went back to sleep.  I have said for a long time, Dahlia is constantly between naps! If she’s not out on a walk or eating, she’s sleeping!!

Not too long ago, Dahlia was resting and Hazel was crawling on her, normally Dahlia has no issues with this.  But she may have been a bit sore that day, for whatever reason, she got very upset with Hazel. Janet lifted Hazel off Dahlia, and immediately after Hazel was off of her, Dahlia moved her head to be near Hazel and gave her kisses. As if to say, “sorry, I’m sore but I still love you!”

I personally love how Dahlia is with Hazel, as Miss Ellie and Flipflop are taking much longer to adapt to the fourth member of my pack, Dahlia is giving Hazel the love and acceptance she needs to feel secure in the group.


Dahlia playing with Hazel

At this point I want to share, Hazel has another pack of Doodles.  Her dad and biological sister are part of that pack, as well as another 1 year Doodled and Miss Ellie’s, older sister.  The Doodle pack love Hazel and it warms my heart to know Hazel has so many dogs to love her and shape her into an amazing dog.

The crazy Schnauzer

The last story of my amazing girl, I want to share is about this crazy Schnauzer in our building.  This dog is so cute (well of course I say that of all dogs……), but he’s such an excitable dog, his owners don’t let him near other dogs.  Every time this dog sees another dog, he yelps and screeches and whines, a whole mix of noise and excited emotion!!  Flipflop immediately avoids this little guy anytime we see him, but not Dahlia.

Whenever we see this little dog, Flipflop goes as far away from him as he can, but Dahlia starts crying and wants to go to him to make sure he’s ok.   One day, I explained to the owners that Dahlia really just wants to say hello and make sure he’s ok, she’s not scared or worried about his excitement.  So they let the two dogs say hi.

It warmed my heart and the heart of the Schnauzer’s owners, they shared with me, because he’s so excitable he scares dogs away!  I told them, that Dahlia is like a grandma who wants to make sure all the kids are ok.

She is such a special girl. And while I no longer can say she’s a Benjamin Button as time goes on, I can say she’s got the sweetest spirit and such a will to live.  There are moments where she gets confused and isn’t sure where she is. I go to her, give her some pets, and talk to her.  This usually brings her back to the present.  There’s many times she can’t hear me when I talk to her, but she still looks at me with so much love in eyes and that darling smile, I know she knows she is so loved.  And there are days where I think she is ready to give up on this life, just for me to wake up the next morning and get out of bed to her dancing around that I’m awake and can pet her.

Dahlia is such an inspiration, she is kind, despite her past, she loves with her whole heart and despite her body showing signs of her age, her spirit is that of a young dog, who just wants to love and be loved by all who enter her path.










2 thoughts on “Darling Dahlia

  1. OMG I have tears running down my face. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing lady! I can’t imagine life without her. She has brought so much joy into our lives and has the biggest heart of any dog I’ve ever known. ❤❤❤

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