Hope is gone

I knew the month was coming, the signs were all there. Jen, Hope’s mom, was doing everything in her power to give Hope the best quality of life when her mobility started giving out. And she succeeded for quite some time.

I knew the day was coming, when Jen told me she and her vet decided Jen would take one more week with her girl to love on her before letting her go peacefully. Jen kept Hope completely comfortable and loved in her final days, there was no suffering on Hope’s end, Jen would never allow it.

I knew the time was coming when I felt my heart instantly break and tears ran down my face without notice. Hope is leaving us…….it all seemed so real all of a sudden.

I met Hope as a puppy, I was living with Jen when she brought her home, I remember asking if we could keep her. I lived with Hope for a few years before moving out but of course would see her whenever I visited Jen.

Hope and I on her first day home.

Hope and I would do dance routines, much to Jen’s amusement and we got quite good at them. Hope……..she was so naughty and yet so loved. She would urinate on Dupont’s bed, she ate a couch of mine, Flipflop still wears the scar she gave him as a pup when she didn’t want him in her home. I was looking at that little mark on him with so much love today, for both him and Hope. Hope would drive Jen to the brink of insanity with her antics, but she was so loved by us, and still is.

Hope and her beautiful mom

Hope’s leaving this physical world, is hitting me hard, much harder than I expected. She is the last of Dupont’s friends, the ones he grew up with. Its the end of an era.

Hope was the last of Jen’s three dogs to pass away, as we said goodbye to Chloe and Jasmine a few years ago. I can’t even imagine, well that’s a lie, I can totally imagine the pain my dear friend is in. I know how much pain I am in, 4000 KM away from them, with my birthday boy (Flipflop is 6 today) and my Benjamin Button senior, Dahlia. I know Jen’s pain is indescribable, I know that there are no human words, or actions that will take away the pain for her. Time won’t, time will just help her learn to live with the pain, as we both know all too well.

I take comfort, as I hope Hope’s mom and dad do, that Hope is with her sisters again. Dupont is there with his feline sister, Sabre. Hope loved Sabre, so I hope they are reuniting and reminiscing of their time together with their crazy moms and how much they are all so loved and always will be.

We will love you forever Hope. XO