Flipflop’s DNA Test

I have stated this before, and stand by it, I don’t care what breed(s) a dog is.  Nothing ticks me off more than when people won’t accept “mutt” as an answer and keep pushing to ask what breeds are in a dog.  I get the curiosity but some dogs, like Flipflop, really are a classic mutt with more breeds than one could imagine.  Of course, his official breed is a Royal Bahamian Potcake, which confuses people more than when I say, “he’s a mutt.”

That said I always did wonder what made up my boy, he has such a big personality and can go from sweet to terror in the flash of an eye.  His energy can go for days, and although he would exhaust me to point of tears, when he was a pup, I wouldn’t have traded him for the world!  After 6 years of wondering and guessing that he had a lot of Jack Russell Terrier in him and some Rottweiler for sure, I decided to do a DNA test, for fun.

The results came in the day before my birthday, it took all I had but I didn’t look at the results and waited to do a live breed reveal on Facebook.  It was SO fun.  As I expected 50% of Flipflop came back undetermined, likely terrier, but could be Asian or Guard breeds.  The balance of the 50% were:

12.5% German Shepherd, 12.5% Papillon, 12.5% Australian Shepherd and 12.5% McNab.  Some of my friends guessed he had German Shepherd in him!!  I wasn’t surprised by the 50% but was shocked to see no Rottweiler in him.  He is so broad and muscular like one, I thought for sure I’d see that.

Learning this information was really interesting, it did help me understand his personality better and make more sense of some of his quirks!  I really enjoyed finding out the information and Wisdom Panel even did a family tree down to his great-grand parents.

The test also shares Flipflop’s ideal weight, based on his make up and some basic information about the breeds that make him up. 

Today I decided to take it a step further. Wisdom Panel sent me an email for a discount if I wanted them to break down Flipflop’s DNA down to 1%, this means no guessing at the 50% and they would also do 211 genetic health tests to see if Flipflop is at risk.  I could not resist!!

I got the results back immediately, which tells me it’s a total marketing scam to get more money since they had the results but didn’t share them before, but that’s ok!  It’s still worth it, as Flipflop is clear of all 211 genetic health conditions and it was fun learning more about my Potcake! 

And his official breed breakdown is:

The updated results also came with an analysis, based on Flipflop’s DNA, what markings he likely has, and they were surprisingly accurate!

I would recommend doing a DNA test for anyone who is interested in their dog’s genetics or for some entertainment. It’s a great way to better understand some of your pup’s personality and what makes them who they are!