As a past foster mom, I always think and worry about the dogs who have come into my life.

Some of them have moms who have become friends and we chat often; others touch base periodically and sadly, a few have moved on and I just hope that my former fosters are as loved as I want them to be.  I’m pretty sure that they are, but I miss not hearing about them. 

However, I know that fostering is a job, I am just a moment in time in a dogs life to help get a pup in crisis off the street, away from abuse, or just a place to chill while they got ready for a forever home.

As with any experience in life, time goes on and so does life, and although you carry all those you loved in your heart, it wasn’t until recently that I was reminded how you really never stop loving your foster dogs! 

Lucy, a terrier mix, had come to me after being surrendered back to the rescue because her deadbeat humans were getting divorced and neither of them wanted her (they had three dogs, took one each and surrendered Lucy). 

While this pisses me off to no end, it was definitely Lucy’s good fortune! 

Lucy stayed with us for six months before finding her perfect home, and I was completely confident that her forever mom would love and care for her, and I was right.

I speak with Lucy’s mom every now and then, just a quick check-in to see how they are doing. I last spoke with her in December, and Lucy was doing great.  She and her mom moved last year and Lucy had made lots of friends in her new neighbourhood.

So, when my friend, Jen, forwarded an “available for adoption” posting featuring Lucy to me, my heart stopped!!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  I literally thought I would throw up. 

Why was Lucy back up for adoption???

Why didn’t the rescue contact me to tell me???

I know that the rescue isn’t obligated to keep me updated, but Sherri and I have become great friends, and she knows that every one of my foster kids are a piece of my heart.  And although I no longer fostered for Sherri (because I had moved across the country), I would have asked to have Lucy flown out to stay with us if she was not in a good place.

While a million thoughts raced through my head, I noticed all the pictures I submitted for Lucy’s adoption were on the ad.

I frantically messaged Jen back……..

Is this a new post for Lucy??? She’s one of mine!!!!”

“Oh hon, NO!” she wrote back, “This was in my [Facebook] memories today!”

My breathing slowly returned to normal as Jen continued to type…

“I remembered when you fostered her, and she is so cute!   I would NEVER scare you like that!”

Needless to say, relief overcame me instantly and eventually my heart rate returned to normal. 

But it did remind me how much of my heart I gave to all those who came into my life, and how that will never change. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want it to!

Much to Lucy’s displeasure I dressed her up as a Christmas Elf!

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