I cannot believe that it has been almost a year since Hazel (aka Big Lady) came into our lives. 

I also cannot believe that I have only dedicated one blog to her, although, admittedly, I have taken a respite from blogging and am just getting back into it!

Hazel is Miss Ellie’s baby sister.  On February 14th, 2020, Janet brought her little girl home, and she was instantly enamored by us all.

Well, by us humans and Dahlia anyway. 

Flipflop and Miss Ellie took some time…..

The past twelve months have flown by, and it is difficult to believe that for the first few months of Hazel’s arrival, I had to keep her and Flipflop separated.  He was extremely jealous of the new puppy joining his pack.  He had navigated his way through numerous foster siblings, but somehow, he knew that Hazel’s situation was unique, that she was Auntie Janet’s baby and that she would be sticking around!

In April of 2020, Flipflop finally started to engage Hazel in play, but only if we were in Janet’s home. When Janet visited in our home, Flipflop still did not like it.  I am not certain when he started changing his tune with her, but the memory of him wanting nothing to do with Hazel is a blur now! 

He loves her! 

Hazel has brought so much joy into the pack, and she reminds me so much of Flipflop when he was just a couple of years younger.  Her energy is endless, she climbs the mountainsides like a goat, and she loves love.

When Janet was getting Hazel, I knew I would love her, I have yet to meet a dog that I have not been smitten with! 

What I did not expect was to be so infatuated with this sweet pup and for her to remind me so much of Flipflop that I simply cannot get enough of her!  

(Please do not misunderstand that this means that I love Dahlia and Miss Ellie any less than with my whole heart.  I adore those two ladies more than words can describe.)

Hazel and Flipflop have this energy around them that makes me want to just squeeze them with everything that I have.  My heart melts at the sight of them, their zest for life, their crazy personalities, and the fact that, at the end of it all, they both just want to curl up and snuggle with their mommas.

I find humour and nostalgia in Janet’s exhaustion when Hazel hasn’t tired and wants to keep going.  I have lived through it with Flipflop (and still do some days).  I love watching how Hazel incites a youthfulness in Miss Ellie, and how Miss Ellie will engage her baby sister in play.  I so enjoy hiking with Hazel and Flipflop and watching her follow him everywhere as they run. 

Now that Miss Ellie and Flipflop have accepted Hazel, Dahlia no longer feels it necessary to coddle her, but, on every visit, Hazel makes a point to approach Dahlia and give her kisses.  It’s such a dear gesture; Hazel wants to let her old friend know that she still loves her.

Hazel’s special personality endears her to everyone whom she encounters, even my cat Angel who generally avoids the dogs at all costs.  Hazel is so kind and gentle that Angel will allow her to approach him.  Hazel will even seek him out if he’s hiding when she visits.

To meet Hazel is to love Hazel.  This lovely pup has such a special soul, she melts my heart, and I am so proud to be her Auntie!

This Sunday (February 14th), we’ll be celebrating Hazel’s first Gotcha Day, and of course, the three-year engagement of Miss Ellie and Flipflop!

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